Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Sunshine Castle Bli Bli we go.................

 Looking for that somewhere different to share with the kids that will keep them occupied.  On the Sunshine Coast is a place built like a castle.  Actually it is built to a Norman style castle on the outside, without the moat. 

The rack. 

The children will find many items here to keep their interest for a while, they can even go on a treasure hunt around the building. When we arrived there was a volunteer in the courtyard and he was talking about the history of the castle. He provided a talking tour of the castle for group bookings, and in each area he would regale a tale or two of the times.

Knights Armour
From the courtyard you then proceed into the castle where you see the throne room.  To the left you can enter the main banquet hall and down the stairs to a dungeon.  Here there were the racks and knights armour from the day.  We even had the opportunity to try on a helmet and gloves just to see how heavy it was and the feeling while wearing it.  The knights would have to have been tall and strong to be able to carry all that metal around during the day and fight in them as well.

As you walk around the different areas, you see dolls from yesteryear as well.  Many dressed in period costumes from different parts of the world.  In one part there was dolls all dressed in costume and when you press the button they would move around to music.  

Some of the many dolls of yesteryear
Upstairs there were themed rooms with dolls and mannequins' dressed in clothes to suit the nursery rhymes of our childhood.  This sections is not accessible with wheelchairs or walkers, as there are many stairs to the top.  Once at the top of the castle there are towers which you can enter and climb up to see further in the distance.  On one of the tower areas sits a catapult, though it doesn't work, the size can give you an idea of how big they actually were made in those days.  And to think that they threw more that just rocks across the land.

Once you have finished taking in all that there is to see, there is a toy shop with toys from many different years, more of the older style ones, which brought back many fond memories.  We even found a collectable or two to add to our collection.  

One tower and catapult

                🐸 So our friendly frogs if you are
searching for that somewhere different. 
Visit here and see how many 
different themes you can find?

Tower walkway
The castle banquet hall can be used as a venue for dinners and parties, through bookings. I first visited this castle as a younger frog with my cousins and family,  and to revisit it now with my partner frog was fun as we found that many of the rooms in the castle held fun items to find and discover.


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