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Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Sunshine Castle Bli Bli we go.................

 Looking for that somewhere different to share with the kids that will keep them occupied.  On the Sunshine Coast is a place built like a castle.  Actually it is built to a Norman style castle on the outside, without the moat.  The rack.  The children will find many items here to keep their interest for a while, they can even go on a treasure hunt around the building. When we arrived there was a volunteer in the courtyard and he was talking about the history of the castle. He provided a talking tour of the castle for group bookings, and in each area he would regale a tale or two of the times. Knights Armour From the courtyard you then proceed into the castle where you see the throne room.  To the left you can enter the main banquet hall and down the stairs to a dungeon.  Here there were the racks and knights armour from the day.  We even had the opportunity to try on a helmet and gloves just to see how heavy it was and the feeling while wearing it.  The knights would have to have been

Ginger Beer what ginger

 While in Bundaberg you should make the time to visit the Barrel, or Bundaberg's Ginger Beer factory and see what it takes to make this Aussie icon so yummy and delicious.  It is great for the kids to visit too as they can get to see, touch and taste the flavours that make the drink fun.  Bundaberg brewed drinks are a family owned business, started by the Fleming family who still run it today.  The factory was established in Bundaberg in 1960 and now export their product around the Globe.  In 2004, securing the best crop of ginger Bundaberg ginger beer factory instigated the planting of their first ginger crop in Bundaberg.  Then in 2005 The Barrel was built next to the factory as a tourist attraction The Barrel When you arrive and pay for your tour, you are given a cardboard crate that you can place 6 flavours in of your own particular taste.  Although this tour is not long it is however very interesting and informative and well worth the visit.  Upon entering the door to the tour

Australia Zoo visiting for me and you......

An Australian icon some would say, another zoo others say, maybe they are but this place is a good zoo for families and adults alike.  There are plaques with each animal that contains information on each one that in some cases can be very interesting and makes each animal unique in their own way.  Chameleon This is our second visit here and I for one really enjoy seeing the variety of animals that are on display to see.  I especially love walking through the koala habitat where the koalas can go between trees and you can stand there and see them up close, as the trees are not overly tall.  There also for the younger generation would be a sign at the bottom of the tree telling you that there was a koala in that tree.  This also makes photo opportunities easier. Giraffe's eating  Visiting the Giraffes and Rhino enclosures was fun.  These are both animals that are unique to the world in many ways.  Giraffes because they are taller with their graceful legs and necks.  The Rhinos for as