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Driving North to Darwin....

 These two green frogs decided it was time to find another adventure and to move to another place.  So they packed up their life and found another job.  It was a big adventure and they took their trusty caravan "Nugget" with them. The drive began with their first stop in Monto, Queensland.  The area around here was dry, at the time of writing this and made you wonder how the cattle and other animals lived and what they actually ate.  The grass was brown   like hay so maybe that was enough for them.  From here the first stop was Dauringa, where we stopped for morning tea, green tea and a muffin.  It was nice here just a small town and mining was one of the main jobs here.  There was even a conveyor belt that ran over the road from one side to the other where it would fill the train carriages.  These coal trains are very long, way longer than normal trains.  Suppose they need to be to get coal from one place to another in one go.  We tried to count the train carriages as they w