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The Big Pineapple..........

The Big Pineapple was once a popular Queensland icon of the 70's and 80's.  Visited by many locals and tourists during its hey day.  I  remember back then there was a small zoo, though now the zoo has grown and has two parts to it.   The main building is still there, though not used at present. You walk up to the front and there is a small café where you buy your tickets for the train ride that takes you down to the zoo. The paddock, which was once filled with pineapples is now just green grass.  I remember looking over the pineapples and feeling sorry for the people who used to work amongst them as they are quite prickly on the edge of the leaves.  Hence the term 'rough end of the pineapple'. After boarding the train it takes you on the round trip down the hillside to the furthest end of the zoo where you hop off at Koala  Junction, from there it is a small walk down to the main part of the zoo, (just a word of warning while walking down the path be careful as, if it i