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Wandering Mount Tamborine.....adventures to find....

Every September, there is, on Mount Tamborine a Scarecrow festival.  The first year that the frogs visited we missed it by one week and could not return the next week.  So this year amongst all the Covid mess we actually had the privilege to visit during this time.  If you are keen, the visitor information center has maps of where all the scarecrows are and you can drive and see them all.  There are plenty along the Gallery walk too. Scarecrows. We came across one scarecrow and there were some young children laughing and they said walk past it.  The scarecrow was a pirate and  when you walked past the mouth would open like it was laughing.  What an interesting way to make a scarecrow.  It was funny and we understood why the kids enjoyed it so much.  So what else is there to see? I hear you ask.  There are a number of activities to do.  On our first visit we found a lovely Bed and Breakfast that supplied you with breakfast to your room.  It was a lovely place on the top of a hill with v