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Drifting on the Hawkesbury River

It was the trip we had planned for nearly 12 months. Hiring a houseboat and cruising the river system and visiting all the bays and walking the beaches.   Climbing the hillside to find a pool of water above a waterfall.  Our first night was spent  in Yeomans bay, included was some fishing and the hope of catching dinner.  Yummy fish straight from the water.   The bay was lovely and quiet with plenty of fresh air and nothing.  This is what we came here for rest and relaxation.  Oh and no internet or phone service.  As the afternoon wore on and happy hour began there were 2 boats out near the mouth of the bay, hmm oh no, and yes the dreaded party boats had like our quiet little bay too.  Though as the night wore on it became not so quiet.  We were warned that this could happen, and hoped that it wouldn't.  Oh well now we would have to make the most of it and relax anyway.  If you wish to holiday in a place where there is no internet or very little phone connection then this is t