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Caranbarini Conservation Reserve - Borroloola NT

 While touring around Borroloola and the Gulf Region of the Northern Territory, a visit to the Caranbirini Conservation Reserve is worth a look (or Garambarini as the locals call it and regard it as one of their favourite places).  It is approximately 45 kilometres south of Borroloola and 705 kilometres southeast of Darwin. This area is also protected. You must remember to take with you some water, some snacks if you want to take your time and look for wildlife and of course your camera, a good hat and walking shoes.  Use insect repellent, (yes there are plenty of flies and other insects) and do not sit on the ground to protect against mosquitos and mites that can carry disease. Remember that snakes are around in the bush so be aware of your surroundings and enjoy.  Do you need a 4wd? No, the Reserve is accessible by car with 500m of gravel road from the main highway. You are not allowed to camp in the reserve.   Wren resting on a water lily There are 3 walks that you can take: - Carab