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Exploring Litchfield...

  Litchfield National Park was on our bucket list for a while.  One of the many national parks that we have wanted to visit.  There are many places to stay from caravan parks to camp sites in the park.  If you wish to stay in the park, you must be aware that there may not be internet or phone service in some areas, especially if this is important to you.  It is free to swim in the water pools, though if you wish to camp there is a fee. Wangi Falls Then there is the question of where to start exploring.  For these two green frogs there was the matter of time.  We found a caravan park and settled in for the rest of the afternoon.  The next day we decided to visit Wangi Falls.  The water pool was amazing, we were surprised to see that the water was crystal clear, and you could see the bottom.  We were unable to swim at this time as the pool was closed, this was to make sure that there were no crocodiles in there from the wet season.  You can camp here too with all amenities provided, chec