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From Ginger to Macadamias......

After a visit to the Ginger factory, across the road is Nutworks. In Australia macadamias are grown in the fertile soil along the east coast from the Nambucca Valley and Byron Bay hinterland in NSW, to the Sunshine coast,  Bundaberg, Atherton Tablelands regions of Queensland and are now being grown in Western Australia. At the entrance to Nutworks there is a café and shop.  They sell all sorts of confectionery made with chocolate and macadamia nuts, nougat, ginger chips and chocolate covered coffee beans.  Out the back there are glass windows that show large mixers with a pipe facing inwards to the barrel.  These are used for coating the nuts with chocolate.  As the barrels move round the chocolate evenly coats the nut and creates nice yummy sweets.  The factory has tours from Monday to Friday, though on the weekend you can see part of the factory and there is information on the wall. Macadamia nut oil. Macadamias are a native tree to Australia, with their indigenous name b

Touring with the Ginger Man.......

Another weekend and another adventure.  This time we decided to visit the Buderim Ginger Factory.  What is there, and will we like it? Firstly yes you will enjoy it, there is something there for all ages, we are proof of that.  Secondly they have tours of the ginger factory and a video, all accompanied with a tour guide that has excellent knowledge of the history and other fun facts eg: Buderim ginger is used by Lite "n" Easy and Newmans Own sauces to name a couple.  The tour begins with the history that explains how the factory began its origins many years ago, with the farms in the local district from a 70 klm radius supplying the factory with ginger. Further on you can see what the factory looks like through large glass windows while the tour guide gives you more information.  It will depend on what time of the year you go how much activity you can see through the windows. There was a video on the history and how the staff harvest, prepare the ginger and what happens wh