Australia Zoo visiting for me and you......

An Australian icon some would say, another zoo others say, maybe they are but this place is a good zoo for families and adults alike.  There are plaques with each animal that contains information on each one that in some cases can be very interesting and makes each animal unique in their own way. 


This is our second visit here and I for one really enjoy seeing the variety of animals that are on display to see.  I especially love walking through the koala habitat where the koalas can go between trees and you can stand there and see them up close, as the trees are not overly tall.  There also for the younger generation would be a sign at the bottom of the tree telling you that there was a koala in that tree.  This also makes photo opportunities easier.
Giraffe's eating 

Visiting the Giraffes and Rhino enclosures was fun.  These are both animals that are unique to the world in many ways.  Giraffes because they are taller with their graceful legs and necks.  The Rhinos for as they do not have sweat glands will sweat pink/red though this is not blood.  

Brolga's resting in pond.
Watching the shows that are on display in the Crocoseum are very good and well planned.  There is something for everyone.  They show the crocodiles, there was only two in the show, also the birds and their flying tricks.  During the show some of the staff will move amongst the audience holding snakes and other animals for people to see up close.

If you are not a good walker for long distances there is a train that can ferry you to and fro from many places around the park.  There is a way to walk to see the Giraffes and Rhinos, not forgetting the Meerkats, Turtles and Lemurs that live on Bindi's Island.  Worth a visit is the animal hospital where you can see animals being taken care of while they are sick of injured. 

Koala in enclosure resting
For even more fun for children is to become a wildlife warrior, a zookeeper for the day, adopt an animal (which is a virtual adoption for kids up to the age of 15 years), see the Tiger enclosure. A fun dig for the children is the dinosaur dig where they can find skeletons in the dirt.
digging for fossils

🐸Did you know:-

Tasmanian Devil weighs 5-8kg.  It lives in rain forest thorough out Tasmania, near swamps and permanent watercourses.

They eat frogs, reptiles and mammals.

They have approximately 3 x times the biting pressure of a Pitbull Terrier.


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