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A Leap Back in Time to Visit Fort Lytton.

With restrictions easing we are allowed to travel out into the local area. The two green frogs searched for a place to visit that was both different and unusual to share with you.  Well, where did you go, I hear you ask?   We visited Fort Lytton, on the southern banks of the Brisbane River, in the Fort Lytton National Park. Before entering the Park, you need to make sure of the park opening times and if you want to go and have a volunteer guide you around, which is interesting as they can give you more information than the Self Guiding Trail pamphlet that we used on our visit.  At this time there were no guides to assist us, though we still had a great time and learnt more about our local history.  According to the website the Historical Association provides FREE guided tours which, if you are a family and need an outing without the expense, is a good tour.  Take a picnic with you as there are plenty of areas of green grass and shade trees to sit under. grass area for picnic Fort