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An Icon the Daly Waters Pub....

 As you drive down the road you begin to realize that something is different.  You are now entering a place like nowhere else in Australia. Where animals and pedestrians have right of way and cars, caravans and motorhomes must give way.  Speed is walking pace through the main street.  Though you have to watch the road for the occasional wandering cattle, donkey or horse. Tim, horse, donkey and goat The need to look at everything at once is very compelling, please find a spot, if you can, and park your vehicle then walk back to have a look and take photos.  Don't forget to stop in at the pub for a coffee and one of their great meals.  We had lunch and then went back later for their lovely "Beef and Barra" meals.  This one you have to book in advance during the busy season, so when you book your site for the night, book your dinner also. So, what is there to see, I hear you ask?  well, there is: - Kevin the crocodile, who apparently eats naughty children, buffalo meat and c