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From Montville to the Kondalilla Falls

The best time to visit the Kondalilla falls is after rain, though I can recommend visiting anytime.  The walk is fairly easy and the views amazing.  These two green frogs went a week after there was plenty of rain and walked to the lookout opposite the falls.  It was lovely to see the water flowing over the rocks. What it is like at the bottom is your choice, we have left some of the walk to you to experience.   There are three circuits to choose from: The Picnic Creek Circuit - 2.4 klm return or 45 minutes.  (this goes to the base of the falls)     Kondalilla falls  Kondalilla falls circuit complete - 4.6 klm or 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Rockpools circuit - 3.2 klm or 1 hour. ✋The tracks at Kondalilla falls are not wheelchair friendly.  Kondalilla means rushing water in Aboriginal Language.  The water in this area supplies the Mary River catchment. The falls are approximately 80 meters high. Yes the pathway down can be steep in many places so remember that when you are returning back to your