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Soaring high above Darwin in an Airplane .....

  The Military Air Museum found on the grounds of the current airport in Darwin, is a large purpose built shed that houses some extraordinary aeroplanes.  The first thing you will notice as you enter the shed is a massive B52 bomber which takes up the main part of the shed. It is nearly the length of the shed and just about the same in width.  B 52 The B52 was a donation from the American Air Force and when they tried to move it into the shed (thinking that the shed they built was big enough) it was too big. The wings and tail wing were too wide and high to fit through the doors. Find out what they did to fit the Bomber inside to keep it safe from the weather.  You are able to climb stairs near the cockpit to see inside the plane, and view the instruments  inside.  Underneath you can see where the bombs where held, another massive area.  It is very big and heavy in size and would make you wonder how it ever lifted off the ground.  It is pretty awesome to see up close.  Navigation comp

Remembering History...when war came to Darwin.

  We all know that the 2nd world war touched Darwin on the 19th February 1942.  Instead of ignoring history or changing it, we should be educating ourselves and our children about our history so that we never forget the tragedy and loss that can touch our lives.  We are able to live a good life thanks to the men and women who fought and those who gave their lives for us to live freely without war happening in our back yard constantly.  Although there were machine guns around the township of Darwin no one expected war to come to Australia in the way that it happened.  Big Gun facing the harbour. One visit we recommend seeing while in Darwin is  the Darwin Military Museum at East Point. At the front desk there is a glass bowl, in which there are cards with names of people who fought in the war, you  choose a card and then you begin exploring to find that person somewhere in the museum.  There you will find out what their occupation was during   the war and what happened to them.  We both