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Conquering Mount Ngungun......

                                                                     Sunday morning and we were off and exploring around our area again.  So where too this time, hmm, ok somewhere fun with a bit of exercise involved too.  We discussed where and found that we have never visited the Glass house Mountains.  We know that people climb and walk around them, but we personally have never done this. On our way out there we passed a nice little café and there in the car park was a group of Volkswagens, both beetles and kombi vans.   These had been lovingly restored to their original condition.  It was a good start to our day.   View towards the Ocean. From here we drove off towards Mt Tibrogargan.  When we arrived we found the car park full and over flowing on both sides of the road in every direction.  Though we had no desire to walk or try and climb Mt Tibrogargan, we would look at walking around here one day in the future. Our next stop was where we were heading Mount N