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The World famous Bundaberg Rum

I lived in Bundaberg for nearly thirty years before I finally visited the Rum Distillery, in Bundaberg.  Since then I have been back twice with my other frog partner, who, like me likes Bundaberg Rum in many different forms. part of the Distillery and Museum We did the tour through the rum distillery a couple of years ago and it was really fun and informative. When the tour guide showed us a bottle of 75% alcohol, Frog number one got his wallet out and asked how much it was. The rest of the group and the guide were quite amused at his antics. The initial production of rum began with a team of 5 men in 1888 and then the first production of rum was in 1889.  Where you enter the big building that houses the molasses, to the vats that show the rum in different forms of fermentation.  There is a story, or myth, that goes that a fire broke out in the distillery and the rum flowed into the Burnett River making the fish drunk and therefore the people had plenty of fish to easily catch during t