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Exploring the History of Katherine NT.

Every place you visit, no matter where you are, has a history.  Have you ever wondered how a place started or what it was like when the pioneers first rode out here many years ago?  These two green frogs, we have an interest in history no matter where we go, so our first place to visit in Katherine is the museum. Old trucks and a Blitz When you first enter the main part of the museum you are greeted by a lovely lady who tells you all about what you can see in the different sheds and can answer your questions about the history of Katherine.  The main building houses items from World War 2 when it came to the region, a selection of wedding dresses from years gone by, clothing from past time worn by everyday women and the armed forces.  A section of Indigenous spears, hunting spears, boomerangs and didgeridoos. There are photos of when a flood came to Katherine wreaking havoc in the area, some would say we are in the outback how can it flood.  Unfortunately, it isn't just a problem th