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 As you drive down the road you begin to realize that something is different.  You are now entering a place like nowhere else in Australia. Where animals and pedestrians have right of way and cars, caravans and motorhomes must give way.  Speed is walking pace through the main street.  Though you have to watch the road for the occasional wandering cattle, donkey or horse.

Tim, horse, donkey and goat

The need to look at everything at once is very compelling, please find a spot, if you can, and park your vehicle then walk back to have a look and take photos.  Don't forget to stop in at the pub for a coffee and one of their great meals.  We had lunch and then went back later for their lovely "Beef and Barra" meals.  This one you have to book in advance during the busy season, so when you book your site for the night, book your dinner also.

So, what is there to see, I hear you ask?  well, there is: -

Kevin the crocodile, who apparently eats naughty children, buffalo meat and chicken, 7 years old and 2.2 metres long, lives in his cage near the first house.  He is not very big, but I bet he can bite you just as hard as any larger crocodile.  Along the side of the road are bits of airplanes, a jeep once used for cow catching, half a beetle (the Herbie type), helicopters with unusual seats, A windmill with the distance it is to places around Australia. 

Interesting seats

 At the end of the road is Bud the buffalo with his girlfriend   Buffie.  When we visited these two, they both came over for   a pat and a lick.  They are quite friendly and live very well.   They even have a mud pit for when it gets too hot. A   playground with fun equipment for the children is on the   corner.

 Wandering around the 'town' you can be lucky enough to see   a horse, donkey, cattle and goat.  There are chickens in   Audrey's hen house with a special ornament on top of their   home.  

Bud and Buffie

Though this is our second time visiting Daly Waters, we only visited Tim's Junk yard this time.  What treasures you can find in there.  We spent time looking at the displays from motorcycles, cars, canoes, a display of the many different types of barbed wire there are (there is more than you think).  What sort of items were there, well if you really want to see then you will have to visit to see exactly what types they are and the information that goes with them.  We found this visit very interesting and well worth the donation to see.

Hats and Thongs

 When you visit the pub, you can have your photo taken by the   staff to leave as a memento of you on the ceiling or wall. Items such as thongs (the footwear type), undies, shirts, number plates, hats, business cards, licences, bank cards and other   varieties of things that you might like to part with.

  When we visited this time, it was not overly busy as it was   the beginning of the dry season and not many tourists.  During   dinner a couple sang for entertainment and this occurs when it   gets busier also. Lovely music to listen too or dance if you   wish.  If you visit in the height of the busy season, then we recommend that you arrive early to book into a site, or you might miss out.  Book your 'Beef and Barra" meal at the same time and be prepared to know that it is super busy there.  Happy hour is fun, so don't miss this time between 4-6pm.

Collection of items

Daly Waters is such an unusual place, there is something for all the family to see, experience and enjoy.  There are powered sites, nonpowered sites, motel rooms, swimming pool and amenities for everyone. This place is a bucket list item, and we have now ticked this one twice.  Seeing it was awesome and we certainly enjoyed our time.  

A bit of history - 

Explorer John McDouall Stuart discovered Daly Waters on May 28th, 1862, after struggling his way through Lancewood scrub and harsh terrain at the rate of just over 1 kilometre a day.  He named the area in honour of the new Govenor of South Australia, Sir Dominic Daly. Not far from the township is where Stuart carved the initial "S" on a tree during his successful journey to cross Australia from north to south.

Distances on the windmill

🐸🐸 When you visit Daly Waters, what part of history will you uncover and take with you?


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