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Free to come and go at Fannie Bay Goal.......

 It was known as Darwin's only prison until the 1st of September 1979, when the last of the inmates that were housed there, were transported to the new Berrimah Prison, where it stands today. Facing towards the ocean is the Fannie Bay Gaol.  You would not know that there is a prison behind the tall fence today, apart from a small sign near the front gate.   Sign at the front gate. Stepping through the prison gate, you enter what was originally the former visiting area.  A wire partition separates the visitor from the prisoner.  A sign posted on the wire reads " You must speak English". There is no special room or chairs to ease your comfort while visiting the prisoner and no walls if it rained.  This area was later extended to be enclosed for contact visiting. It would have made life more pleasant when the wet season came. At the prison gate, you are greeted by a volunteer who will explain the best way to see the different buildings in the Gaol, where the amenities are lo