Ginger Beer what ginger

 While in Bundaberg you should make the time to visit the Barrel, or Bundaberg's Ginger Beer factory and see what it takes to make this Aussie icon so yummy and delicious.  It is great for the kids to visit too as they can get to see, touch and taste the flavours that make the drink fun.  Bundaberg brewed drinks are a family owned business, started by the Fleming family who still run it today.  The factory was established in Bundaberg in 1960 and now export their product around the Globe. 

In 2004, securing the best crop of ginger Bundaberg ginger beer factory instigated the planting of their first ginger crop in Bundaberg.  Then in 2005 The Barrel was built next to the factory as a tourist attraction

The Barrel
When you arrive and pay for your tour, you are given a cardboard crate that you can place 6 flavours in of your own particular taste.  Although this tour is not long it is however very interesting and informative and well worth the visit.  Upon entering the door to the tour area you can read and see some of the processes that go into making the drinks.  In one area there is a spot where you can smell flavours and try to guess what they actually are.  It is a great way to teach the children about smells and tastes that are associated with the food and drink.  There are other interactive displays that make the tour fun.  

Old delivery truck
You can learn the history of how the manufacturing started in the Bundaberg area, from the beginning to the supermarket shelves.  Also from how it first started to how it has grown today to be a business where you can buy Bundaberg soft drinks everywhere in Australia today.  I have even had some in Broken Hill, which is a long way from Bundaberg.  Well done to the company.

After you have completed your tour you are then able to taste test a small cup of the 13 flavours plus they have also catered for diabetics with 3 flavours of the diet variety.  They have also made some that are short term or unique to the season like Bundaberg Spiced Ginger Beer which was released around Christmas time.  

When you have made your selection from which flavours you enjoy you can then choose 6 bottles to fill your cardboard carry case to take home and enjoy.  We selected flavours that we liked, I enjoy the Sarsaparilla where my partner does not so we had ones that we both enjoyed.  

Your own selection of drinks

For the adults you can add an extra flavouring like alcohol of your choice should you wish.  From memory we tried Guava and Gin which is different.  Maybe you can try your favourite flavours with Gin or Vodka. Why stop there, there are many different ways to enjoy this drink, you just need to try out some and enjoy.

We were unable to take photos inside so we leave that up to you to observe when you visit. Have fun.

Large bottles for flowers

                                                                            🐸 What is your favourite flavour?


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