Remembering History...when war came to Darwin.

 We all know that the 2nd world war touched Darwin on the 19th February 1942.  Instead of ignoring history or changing it, we should be educating ourselves and our children about our history so that we never forget the tragedy and loss that can touch our lives.  We are able to live a good life thanks to the men and women who fought and those who gave their lives for us to live freely without war happening in our back yard constantly.  Although there were machine guns around the township of Darwin no one expected war to come to Australia in the way that it happened. 

Big Gun facing the harbour.

One visit we recommend seeing while in Darwin is  the Darwin Military Museum at East Point. At the front desk there is a glass bowl, in which there are cards with names of people who fought in the war, you  choose a card and then you begin exploring to find that person somewhere in the museum.  There you will find out what their occupation was during   the war and what happened to them.  We both picked a card and then off we went to begin our adventure of finding the identity of our chosen military person.

Left : Mae West Life saver.  

 There are visual displays with the different uniforms   on mannequins, showing the different styles that   were  worn back in those days.   Plaques with stories    about what happened to different areas of Darwin,   the warships, submarines and everyday people, who   were now experiencing a different world to what they   were living before war came to Darwin. 


There is a theatre with seating, displays of bombs,     missiles and guns, along with photos.  If you take a seat the doors close and a tutorial begins with sound effects.  The noise of bombs dropping, explosion's and buildings being ripped apart.  This experience is one that can be hard on your emotions, though can also allow you to learn more about what people lived with during this time.  There are personal stories about families who lived during this time and what they went through, how they coped and whether they stayed in Darwin or moved further south to try and be safe.

Projectiles found near Darwin

Don't forget to have a wander outside amongst the vehicles and sheds. Here you can see items that have been found in the Darwin harbour and surrounding lands.  A Buffalo WW2 that only operates in calm seas.  Originally it was an Australian design, then the manufacturing rights were sold to America. Amongst the walkways you will find  erected an area similar to  a hidden cover for guns and soldiers, A ships anchor, a projector fortress searchlight, machine guns on trailers, and many other vehicles that were used in the war in undercover of sheds.  Out the front is a large gun looking out towards the water where it stood guard against the enemy who may sail into the harbour.  Around the back of the gun is a staircase that goes underneath the gun.  Here you will find some items from the war.  Display cabinets with eating utensils, badges, jerry can, a cross found in a field, old helmet and some other items from that time.

Water cooled machine gun

Buffalo WW2.


 Out the back is a shed with a tank and the jeep that was used by The Bush Tucker man, Les Hiddens. 

Les Hiddins Jeep "The Bush Tucker man"
 This was an interesting day and one we enjoyed.  Take the time to read, see and experience what happened. There is  also a great walk around the Point with more buildings and towers a little further on from the Museum. 

🐸 What character will you choose from the bowl?  

🐸 What part of history will you learn something new about?


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