Touring with the Ginger Man.......

Another weekend and another adventure.  This time we decided to visit the Buderim Ginger Factory.  What is there, and will we like it?

Firstly yes you will enjoy it, there is something there for all ages, we are proof of that.  Secondly they have tours of the ginger factory and a video, all accompanied with a tour guide that has excellent knowledge of the history and other fun facts eg: Buderim ginger is used by Lite "n" Easy and Newmans Own sauces to name a couple.  The tour begins with the history that explains how the factory began its origins many years ago, with the farms in the local district from a 70 klm radius supplying the factory with ginger. Further on you can see what the factory looks like through large glass windows while the tour guide gives you more information.  It will depend on what time of the year you go how much activity you can see through the windows. There was a video on the history and how the staff harvest, prepare the ginger and what happens when it is finally delivered to the factory.
Tasting plate with variety of ginger products and cordial

After the tour you get to have a tasting plate and a cool drink of ginger cordial.  This we found very refreshing.  For me, I am lactose intolerant, and Kimberly our tour guide was on to this, before we started Kimberly asked if anyone  was lactose/dairy intolerant or with other allergies.  When it comes to the tasting plate you each have your own and if you're special like me you have one without dairy.  This was great as I was still able to enjoy the rest of my day without drama. A big Thank you indeed.

While we waited for the tour we were lucky enough to enjoy the café.  As we had left home early we missed our ritual coffee, so we found a table and ordered coffee and muffin.  Yummy it was white chocolate, raspberry with a hint of ginger.  This we would recommend. But don't forget the other delicious items on the menu also.

Apart from the shop as you enter, filled with plenty of items to browse and buy.  There are other stores inside.  There is  a store with Herbs and spices, soaps and trinkets.  Another shop with wooden toys and dolls, fairies and statues. The third store had a lot of Australian souvenirs, cups, trays and plenty to search through for a gift for that someone special.
The Ginger man and the Train 

A beehive amongst the trees.

On the other side of the café there is Kokopod chocolate Laboratory.  As soon as you walk up the ramp you can smell the chocolate.  This was lovely to explore and find many chocolates with different flavours and ingredients.  There was even Vegan chocolate.  They have tried to appeal to varying taste and  dietary requirements.  There are also lectures and information sessions on the bees that live around the factory.

For the young and young at heart there is a train ride around the gardens with a running commentary giving you information.  The Overboard boat ride is for the young and adventurous also. The admission rate to enter the Ginger factory is free.  To access the rides and tours you need to pay a fee.  There are bundles put together for those who wish to only experience some and not all of the sites.

Chocolate coated freeze dried Strawberries.
Inside the main store there is a variety of products from ginger, chocolate, honey and drinks, some are alcoholic which may appeal to the adults..  Take the time to browse around and find something yummy.  We did and had to make a couple of trips to the car.

For two green frogs that are not necessarily huge fans of ginger we now have a new appreciation of ginger and the flavours that it can add to our cooking, marinades and drinks.  How about you?


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