From Ginger to Macadamias......

After a visit to the Ginger factory, across the road is Nutworks.

In Australia macadamias are grown in the fertile soil along the east coast from the Nambucca Valley and Byron Bay hinterland in NSW, to the Sunshine coast,  Bundaberg, Atherton Tablelands regions of Queensland and are now being grown in Western Australia.

At the entrance
to Nutworks there is a café and shop.  They sell all sorts of confectionery made with chocolate and macadamia nuts, nougat, ginger chips and chocolate covered coffee beans.  Out the back there are glass windows that show large mixers with a pipe facing inwards to the barrel.  These are used for coating the nuts with chocolate.  As the barrels move round the chocolate evenly coats the nut and creates nice yummy sweets.  The factory has tours from Monday to Friday, though on the weekend you can see part of the factory and there is information on the wall.
Macadamia nut oil.

Macadamias are a native tree to Australia, with their indigenous name being Kindal
Kindal.  They were originally used as special ceremony gifts. They were also traded amongst the tribes.  The nuts are very poisonous for dogs.  The oil from the nut is used in cooking and we bought a bottle to try.  It works well in cooking with no problems.

The process of the nut starts with the grower.  It will be harvested when ready, the husks removed and then dried.  From here they are transported to Nutworks for processing.

Apart from the cooking oil, we also purchased a bottle of Chocolate Macadamia nut sauce for smoothies and ice cream.  A macadamia mustard which tastes very nice, and a bottle of Macadamia butter.  This one is yummy on toast, crumpets and fruit bread.

So hopefully we have piqued your interest in this all Australian product and some of the different ways to enjoy it, apart from eating the raw product, which in itself is very delicious.

When you visit the Ginger Factory remember to walk across the road and try some of these food items and buy them too as they are Australian products and helps our farmers and others along the way.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia Butter and Mustard
By the way did you know that September the 4th is National Macadamia Day...………..


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