Borroloola an Interesting Area.

 If you are lucky enough to be driving along the Carpentaria Highway don't forget to stop at the Caravan Park at Borroloola.  "Why?" I hear you ask. Well, why not.  There are a number of things to see in the area and it is a good base to stay and drive to visit the surrounding area.  So, what is there to see I hear you ask?  Borroloola was established as a port on the McArthur River in the early 1880's, Borroloola was gazetted on 10th September 1885 with the first allotments for sale later that year.  It served as a supply depot for many drovers and miners who visited the area using the Gulf Road.

Mine conveyor belt and Gulf of Carpentaria.

There is a small place called Bing Bong, a little further on from Borroloola, which is mainly a boat ramp surrounded by trees on each side.  While visiting here please be aware that there are crocodiles in this area.  Apparently, you can catch Barramundi and crabs at the ramp.  It is a prime spot for fishing that you might find hard to get room to throw in your line as it is very popular with the locals. While you are in that area there is a small tower near the mine terminal, which you can climb and see where the ships come in to load with minerals from the mine at the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Trucks also use this road, and you need to be mindful of them while driving.  Coming back from Bing Bong you can turn off onto a dirt road that leads you to King Ash Bay.  There are spots here where you can camp or park your van, though you might have to book first, especially in the winter as it can be busy.  King Ash Bay hosts a fishing competition during Easter, and it is booked to capacity. You can also launch your boat into the water from here if you want to.  There is also a charter boat hire company which will take you out to the best places for catching fish.

McArthur river.
 In Borroloola near the new police station there is a lookout that you can walk up and look out over the township.  A number of shops for food, Savannah Way Restaurant that always serves up good food.  The McArthur River is close by and good for fishing except when there is a crocodile nearby.  We went fishing one day and I saw a crocodile put its head out of the water and scare some ducks that were swimming in the water.  Therefore, no fish were caught that day, unfortunately.
Office desk


Other places to visit are the Art Gallery with displays of art and crafts from local artists.  Not far from here there is the old Police station.  They ask for a donation, and it is with taking the time to visit and learn about the first police officers who came out to work there and the conditions they had to face.  Construction of the police station and courthouse were completed in 1887.  There was no air conditioner or electricity in those days to help keep the station cool in the hot weather.  Light was obtained from Kerosene 'Alladin' lamps or carbide lamps and the only radio in the area was the transceiver at the Police station.  

Old Police station

There was mining in the area back in the 1900's.  Minerals such as Copper, Shale, Oil, Gold, Tin and Silver leaf.  One mine persisted into the late 1970's with diamonds being found in the area.  

Although it is a long way from the Stuart Highway it is worth coming to visit Borroloola and the surrounding area, including the Lost city.  

Not far from Borroloola is Lorella Springs, many travellers visit here too. The area has much to offer and see, depending on what you are looking for to do with your time.  There is also Heart Break Hotel with camping site out the back and you may even see some unusual guests while staying there.  Along the way are free camps too.  At the time of writing this the road was being widened to allow traffic to remain on the road in both directions.  The rules remain that if a B double is coming you get off the road and allow them full use of the road.  It is safer for you and your vehicle.  Just a small note to remember that while it is great to visit the outback, they do not have chemists so please take extra medications with you.
Safe and bottles from years gone by.

🐸 We enjoyed our time in Borroloola and made some great friends,
we saw some beautiful scenery and places while there. 
What will you find to interest you?

Old equipment


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