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 Litchfield National Park was on our bucket list for a while.  One of the many national parks that we have wanted to visit.  There are many places to stay from caravan parks to camp sites in the park.  If you wish to stay in the park, you must be aware that there may not be internet or phone service in some areas, especially if this is important to you.  It is free to swim in the water pools, though if you wish to camp there is a fee.

Wangi Falls

Then there is the question of where to start exploring.  For these two green frogs there was the matter of time.  We found a caravan park and settled in for the rest of the afternoon.  The next day we decided to visit Wangi Falls.  The water pool was amazing, we were surprised to see that the water was crystal clear, and you could see the bottom.  We were unable to swim at this time as the pool was closed, this was to make sure that there were no crocodiles in there from the wet season.  You can camp here too with all amenities provided, check for phone and internet connection here. 

Wangi Falls and pool

There is a cafe on the site for those who love their coffee fix, and they provide a range of menu to please all who visit.  A walk around the falls is an added attraction with a tree top stair walk and the path goes over the top of the falls and back to the start.  It was very busy the day we visited, with some coach tours were there as well.

From here we visited Florence falls.  The falls are next to the Buley Rockhole, and you can complete the walk, which is 1.6km around, which goes from one water hole to the falls and up the 135 stairs.  One gentleman joked that they could be the stairway to heaven, he was worried about having a heart attack on his way up the stairs.  The good news was that he took his time and made it to the top without incident.  Please do not hurry because others are going fast.  Take your time and stop to look also.  You might actually see an animal, butterfly, lizard or other fauna that inhabit the area.  We didn't rush our time here, we took in the beauty of the bushland and hoped that we might find fauna in the wild.  No crocodiles here, though there is a plunge pool.  If you are lucky, you might see Wallabies, Goannas, Butterflies and the Golden Orb Spider.

Florence Falls creek

Florence Falls
 Florence falls and Buley Rockhole were inviting, and the water was clear and running freely.  There was a campsite here with facilities.  A viewing platform near Florence falls for those who do not wish to go down to the bottom.  It is also good for taking some lovely photos.   Florence falls are open year-round for those who wish to have a dip and relax in the clear waters. 

 Near Florence falls are the magnetic termite mounds.  These are  amazing to see.  Why, I hear you ask?  There are built like a termite city in the paddock, all looking like high rises.  A walkway means that you can access the area by wheelchair or wheelie walker though you cannot get up close to the nests.  One termite nest near the road is only 50 years old and so big, that it makes you wonder how hard it must have been to actually create it in the first place.   You would think that it was older than it is by the size.  These are called Cathedral mounds. The termite nests in the paddock on the other side of the car park are Magnetic termite nests as the termites although blind follow the magnetic field of north/south, ensuring that one side will always be in the shade.  This has actually been scientifically proven.  The mounds are aligned to use the sun to balance the internal temperature and ensure the optimum conditions are maintained. 

Magnetic Termite Nests

Another point of interest to visit is the Zebra Stone display.  These stones are different and actually look like Zebra's though of a brown colour.  There are some that are black stripes.  You can also camp here in the campground provided.  The stones are mined and polished here on site, some are made into tabletops, bowls and others Jewellery such as earrings or necklaces.  Found nowhere else in the world and dated around 1.2 billion years old.  The rhythmic iron pattern is regarded as a geologic enigma.

Zebra stones with Quartz 

 Tolmer Falls is another interesting place to visit approximately 32- 42 metres in height.  You cannot swim here as it is a place where rare Orange-leaf Bats and Ghost bats live, and the falls are only viewed from a distance.  There are two platforms to see the falls. We recommend the walk down to the second platform, as you can see the falls better.  The view out towards the national park is lovely also.  There is also a great opportunity for some lovely photographs as well.  You are not permitted access to this area without a Guide.  While we were there, a helicopter flew over, as you can do flights over the falls. 

Tolmer Falls

But these are just water falls I hear you say.  We can see them anywhere, there are waterfalls all over Australia.  And yes, there are water falls all over Australia.  Each and every place has their own unique features and beauty.  For some people, like us, it is a matter of ticking another item off our bucket list. We found the beauty in each one of our visits in Litchfield.  Did we visit everywhere? No not this time as we had a limited time till our holiday was over.  There are some that we can return to and visit another day. 

Cathedral Termite Mound

🐸 - For these two green frogs it was the visit to tick off our bucket list.  We can now say that we have been there, or at least seen half of Litchfield National Park and we can go back and visit it again if we so wish.  What will be your favourite memories of visiting Litchfield National Park?


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