Driving North to Darwin....

 These two green frogs decided it was time to find another adventure and to move to another place.  So they packed up their life and found another job.  It was a big adventure and they took their trusty caravan "Nugget" with them.

The drive began with their first stop in Monto, Queensland.  The area around here was dry, at the time of writing this and made you wonder how the cattle and other animals lived and what they actually ate.  The grass was brown   like hay so maybe that was enough for them.  From here the first stop was Dauringa, where we stopped for morning tea, green tea and a muffin.  It was nice here just a small town and mining was one of the main jobs here.  There was even a conveyor belt that ran over the road from one side to the other where it would fill the train carriages.  These coal trains are very long, way longer than normal trains.  Suppose they need to be to get coal from one place to another in one go.  We tried to count the train carriages as they went passed us but couldn't, way too many.

In the outback there is plenty of things to see.  It is up to you to look, research or google what there is to find.  One good way to find the unusual and other activities to see and experience is to speak to a   local.  We just want to give you a taste of some of the things that we experienced and to leave the rest   up to you.

The Big Easel Emerald
 The Large Easel in Emerald is one you need to stop and see if you are in the area.  The height of it is quite tall and you need to stand far back just to be able to see it in full.  


Long Coal Train

The Tall smoke stack Mt Isa.
  Mt Isa is a town where you do not expect to see a smoke   stack virtually in the  middle of the town.   You can see the stack from the beginning of the city edges.  One is tall and grey and the other is black and white strips around from top to bottom.

Four X truck in paddock

 During the days there was some interesting things to see, apart from the usual trees and dry grass.  

Tall Bottle Tree
  • 1 - Boar, dead.
  • 2 - Echidna
  • 10 - Emu and 2 babies
  • 1 x Kangaroo live.
  • Multiples of Eagles and 1 large one
  • Multiples of Sheep
  • Multiples of Cows 
  • 2 x Camels.
  • Frilly Lizards

  This made the day pass and more interesting.  If we   got too bored, we would pass a creek that had a name, and we would make Limericks using the name.   Which if you try it, can be very funny.  The road is long, and some places seem to go on forever, making   you feel like it will never stop.

   A stop at Camooweal saw us and many other   travelers needing to, in these times, fill out a     border pass to enable us to get across the border into the Northern Territory. For us though we were lucky as we were relocating to the Northern Territory, so a quick form fill out and a stop at the border to show our Identification and off we went.  

Emu under shade
As the day progressed it became hotter and hotter.  You could see the heat rising from the road.  Other things to see along the way were the Termite nests, which in some places were quite funny.  There was some with Fluro shirts, Motor cycle helmet, hard hat, wedding dress, t shirts, dressed in Halloween, face mask, caps and many other interesting items of clothing.  There was even what I called Termite families and nurseries or cities.  Heaps of them together in a paddock.  Some were even over 10 foot high and nearly the same size around the middle.  Depending on the area they were either made from red dirt or grey soil. 

Three Ways Roadhouse is the point where you can go up to Darwin or down to Alice Springs.  There is the roadhouse, camp area with or without power, donga rooms and also a Bar and kitchen.  We stayed here one night.  In the bar one wall is covered in number plates from all over the country and some   from over seas. 
Termite nest with beer

Large nests.

 There are many   different things to   see in the outback,  from the   towns,   roadhouses, fuel   stops, and much   more.  Renner   Springs was one   stop where we   bought morning   tea, 2 large geese were wondering around the grounds, a peacock and you get to write your name on the wall, ceiling or wherever you find a spot open.  One night we stopped in Mataranka and a Peacock came and sat on the ensuite where we were camped. This is a nice place to camp and if you wish you can visit the hot springs here.  During dinner at the restaurant at the back of the office, we saw some kangaroos in the grounds further out eating the lovely green grass.  This was the most kangaroos that we had seen during our trip.

Peacock dancing on the ensuite.


          🐸 What other activities can you find that are not always on the tourist list? 

        🐸🐸 While traveling north can be daunting to some degree, do not let news and other people                            make you feel scared.  We travelled north a couple of times now and we made sure that we                      locked our doors, keep valuables out of seeing eyes and if you can camp with others along                      the way.  There is a lot to see and experience in the north of our country.


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