From Clontarf to Scarborough...…follow the trail.

 A nice Sunday afternoon drive or stay in the local area, starting from Clontarf there is a lovely park along the beach front.  There you will also find an inflatable fun park with water slides and other fun for the children.  If the weather becomes too rough they will not allow usage of this, for safety reasons.  Not far from here is a fun play area for children should they not wish to get wet.  Along the other side of the road is a variety of eateries if you don't want to take a picnic.

Towards Houghton Bridge

The wreck of the Gayundah
Further on at Woody Point  there is a jetty which you can walk out and look at the bay and back towards the shoreline.  Here there is another park where you can enjoy the scenery and maybe a café, fish and chips or the local restaurants.  Around the corner is the wreck of the HMQS Gayundah.  This vessel was once a flat iron gunboat operated
 by the Queensland Maritime Defence Force and later the Royal Australian Navy.  Later she served as a sand and gravel barge in Brisbane until the 1950's and then she was scrapped. Although there is not much of the Gayundah left (which also had a sister ship, but I'll leave the history lesson up to you) it is still interesting to visit.  To actually see the wreck you need to walk down from the point to a viewing area.  At the top of the walkway there is a plaque that you can read and learn more about the ship.  

Moving from here as you drive along the front there are some beautiful murals on a wall, don't drive too fast or you may not see them.  

Mural at Woody Point

Redcliff is a lovely spot to visit, they have a market on Sundays, plenty of shops along the front and another jetty where you can walk out and sit down to enjoy the outdoors.  This jetty was first built on 1885 to enable steamers to land passengers and cargo at all times regardless of the stage of the tide. The site of the jetty is believed to be where the convicts first stepped ashore from the "Amity" to establish the Moreton Bay Penal settlement.  Near the start of the jetty is a plaque that tells of a Convict trail that you can walk.  The lovely ladies in the tourist information center can give you a map of the walk and there is also a guided walk if you wish to do this.

Redcliffe Pavilion

Following the road around from Redcliff you will arrive at Scarborough.  There is a marina here and some cafes and fish and chip shops to purchase food and eat on the waterfront or in a park.  There is a walk around the front of Scarborough on the other side of the marina.  This is also a nice place to take a kayak and paddle around the shore front, at high tide though.  Near the marina is a Gelato shop, which is lovely on a nice day.  

If you wish to stay in the area there are a selection of caravan parks which you can choose from, showgrounds and motels as well.  We have not mentioned every place here as we only want to pique your interest and see what wonderful shops, places and hidden treasures you can find on your exploration around the peninsular.  On one of our walks around the point we found an amazing little bookshop and of course we bought some books.  

Don't forget Bee Gee's way which shows a collection of photographs and information of the local boys who lived in the area and took their music to the world.  There is a 70 metre walkway which is accessible to everyone and is free to all.  At night from 7pm you can enjoy a light show set to their music.

🐸 While you are enjoying your walks and exploration, what can the kids find along the walkway at Scarborough?  It is on a tree...just a hint.

We have only told you about some of the places to visit, the rest is up to you and how much you wish to do during your day.

Shorncliffe Pier
The Bay 

Park at Scarborough


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