From Montville to the Kondalilla Falls

The best time to visit the Kondalilla falls is after rain, though I can recommend visiting anytime.  The walk is fairly easy and the views amazing.  These two green frogs went a week after there was plenty of rain and walked to the lookout opposite the falls.  It was lovely to see the water flowing over the rocks. What it is like at the bottom is your choice, we have left some of the walk to you to experience.  

There are three circuits to choose from:

  • The Picnic Creek Circuit - 2.4 klm return or 45 minutes.  (this goes to the base of the falls)    
  • Kondalilla falls
     Kondalilla falls circuit complete - 4.6 klm or 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Rockpools circuit - 3.2 klm or 1 hour.
✋The tracks at Kondalilla falls are not wheelchair friendly. 

Kondalilla means rushing water in Aboriginal Language.  The water in this area supplies the Mary River catchment. The falls are approximately 80 meters high. Yes the pathway down can be steep in many places so remember that when you are returning back to your car.  Take time to rest and drink.

The pathway is fairly smooth and there are some steps down to the Obi lookout, as well as the other circuits.  There are over 300 stairs on the  Kondalilla falls walks.  We just took our time and enjoyed the scenery.  Stools have been provided for the public to take a rest or just to take in the scenery, which is lovely.  Plus if you are quiet and wait you may see some animals along the way.  We saw butterflies, goanna, and lizard.  There are different species of birds to listen for as well.  If you enjoy the different species of trees you can see some Eucalypt, Bunya Pines, Piccabeen and Palms.
Goanna can you see it

We took the scenic way and stopped at the Obi lookout to look over the mountain views, we have a small pair of binoculars which are easy to carry and we use them to see flora and fauna in the bush.  

What about toilets I hear you say?  There are toilets near the top of the walk and that is it. Many people take their swimmers and have a dip in the pools at the bottom of the falls.  Taking plenty of water is a very good idea, with enough for all in your group.  There are no taps on the walk. After our walk it was time for lunch, so off to Montville.
Hollowed tree

Montville is a great place to have lunch, breakfast or dinner or just stop and shop.  We completed our walk at Kondalilla first then returned to Montville for lunch.  We have visited here before though we wanted to return and see more.  There are some wonderful eateries there so you can choose whatever takes your pleasure.  Galleries, dress shops, souvenirs, newsagents, antique shops, fudge shops, and don't forget Candy Addictions.  Here they make all sorts of candy, and specialty sweets for parties and weddings.  You can stand in the shop while behind the glass the makers roll and stretch the candy to make some very awesome patterns.

View of the Sunshine Coast
Some of the eateries have a veranda that overlooks the bushland near Montville and on a clear day you can see as far as the Sunshine coast.  Be aware though that Montville is very popular and finding a park can be hard. Please persist and take the time to stop and wander around.  

Water wheel Montille.

🐸  These two green frogs had a really good time at Kondalilla falls and Montville.  We have returned and may do again another time.  What will your adventure hold when visiting this area and what will you see?


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