Wandering Mount Tamborine.....adventures to find....

Every September, there is, on Mount Tamborine a Scarecrow festival.  The first year that the frogs visited we missed it by one week and could not return the next week.  So this year amongst all the Covid mess we actually had the privilege to visit during this time.  If you are keen, the visitor information center has maps of where all the scarecrows are and you can drive and see them all.  There are plenty along the Gallery walk too.

We came across one scarecrow and there were some young children laughing and they said walk past it.  The scarecrow was a pirate and  when you walked past the mouth would open like it was laughing.  What an interesting way to make a scarecrow.  It was funny and we understood why the kids enjoyed it so much. 

So what else is there to see? I hear you ask.  There are a number of activities to do.  On our first visit we found a lovely Bed and Breakfast that supplied you with breakfast to your room.  It was a lovely place on the top of a hill with views, a fire place in the room for those romantics amongst us,  hmmm.  There are plenty of places to eat, we visited St Bernards Hotel and they do awesome meals.  Don't forget to take your appetite with you, cause you will want to enjoy every bite.  Along the Gallery walk there are plenty of food places to choose from and don't forget the fudge shops (some of the fudges have alcohol for the adventurous adults) and ice cream parlours.  Just to tempt your sweet tooth.   We will let you decide on what to eat.  We have tried a couple of different places.

Entrance to Glow Worm cave
For the fun and thrill seekers there are the walks to waterfalls, Thunderbird park, hang gliding, the skywalk, amazing sunsets and sunrises for that matter and the Glow worm cave.  The sky walk is up amongst the tree tops and is awesome to try.  For those who do not like heights there are walks on the ground in the forest with information telling you about some of the history of the area.  We visited the Glow worm cave this time and found the tour was very interesting and fun.  The tour guide was informative and made learning about the glow worms fun for adults and children alike.  It is an amazing sight when you enter the cave, remember no cameras are allowed.  While there we visited Frog Hollow, of course, to see many different types of frogs and tree insects.  It is not very large but worth the visit.  

Thunderbird park is fun for all the family.  We enjoyed mini golf, there are 3 different levels to play here with each one being a different colour for how expert you are at golf.  Or you can just play any one and have fun.  Horse riding, thunder bird eggs, dinosaurs, see bird feeding, obstacle courses for many different ages, a zip line, creeks and ponds to sit by and just relax. Take your pick, there is also camping areas and cabins for those who wish to stay and relax or be close to the fun and adventures.

No matter what your age group or fitness level there is something on Mount Tamborine for everyone. Many places are wheel chair friendly, though we would recommend that you ring first and make sure or visit the website.  If you have a specific place that you wish to visit ring them directly and they will be able to help you.  Either way the mountain is a fabulous place to visit for everyone.  

The famous Rock Piano, has been 
on the side of the Mountain for
many years.  I remember looking 
for it as a child when I visited and 
still look today.

🐸 Did you know?                                    

All frogs swallow with the help of their eye muscles,
They lack an oesophagus, so to swallow, their eyes
retract down towards their throat to push down
their food.

See what fun facts can you find. 
The laughing Scarecrow


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