The World famous Bundaberg Rum

I lived in Bundaberg for nearly thirty years before I finally visited the Rum Distillery, in Bundaberg.  Since then I have been back twice with my other frog partner, who, like me likes Bundaberg Rum in many different forms.
part of the Distillery and Museum

We did the tour through the rum distillery a couple of years ago and it was really fun and informative. When the tour guide showed us a bottle of 75% alcohol, Frog number one got his wallet out and asked how much it was. The rest of the group and the guide were quite amused at his antics. The initial production of rum began with a team of 5 men in 1888 and then the first production of rum was in 1889.  Where you enter the big building that houses the molasses, to the vats that show the rum in different forms of fermentation. 

There is a story, or myth, that goes that a fire broke out in the distillery and the rum flowed into the Burnett River making the fish drunk and therefore the people had plenty of fish to easily catch during this event.  There was actually two fires that broke out over the years.  American soldiers liked the rum while visiting the area.  They began mixing the rum with Cola and so started the idea of rum and cola, which is a nice way to drink rum.  Apart from milk, dry ginger ale and just served with ice cubes.  

Nice place for a photo

An unusual fact- The business end of the Bundaberg Rum brand is tied up with Sam McMahon, the gifted brother of the future Australian Prime Minister William.  Sam is responsible for some of Bundaberg's most iconic features- from the square bottle to the Polar Bear which is the brands mascot.

In 2013 the Distillery  saw its second flood hit the region of Bundaberg in three years.  The distillery hatched a plan to help the community.  They created limited edition bottles that bears the name of streets that were affected by the flood waters.  

The Café area in between the museum and store

Alas, like many businesses today it has come under Covid rules and at the time of writing this you are not allowed to visit the tour part of the factory.  But the best part is that the shop is open and still selling their most famous Rum in many different styles.  So go and visit the Distillery and get a photo beside the famous large rum bottle and enjoy some of their fare.  Oh don't forget the fudge too it is delicious and some of the Liqueurs which are only available at the Distillery store.

This is a place where you may take your children but remember that it is alcohol and if quite young may not appreciate looking around here like adults.
Did you know that McMahon means "Son of Bear" in Irish.
To quote a Frog - Where heaven is made.

UPDATE - 03/01/2021: Today we spoke with a lady in the Distillery shop,
She told us that they are currently taking tours
of 48 people, leaving on the hour every hour
from 10am, during the holidays.  The bookings 
are made up to 2 to 3 days ahead.


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