The Big Pineapple..........

The Big Pineapple was once a popular Queensland icon of the 70's and 80's.  Visited by many locals and tourists during its hey day.  I  remember back then there was a small zoo, though now the zoo has grown and has two parts to it.  

The main building is still there, though not used at present. You walk up to the front and there is a small café where you buy your tickets for the train ride that takes you down to the zoo. The paddock, which was once filled with pineapples is now just green grass.  I remember looking over the pineapples and feeling sorry for the people who used to work amongst them as they are quite prickly on the edge of the leaves.  Hence the term 'rough end of the pineapple'.

After boarding the train it takes you on the round trip down the hillside to the furthest end of the zoo where you hop off at Koala  Junction, from there it is a small walk down to the main part of the zoo, (just a word of warning while walking down the path be careful as, if it is wet, it can be slippery.)  Remember when you enter the gates that you should always use the hand sanitiser before and after entering.  Animals need protecting from germs and disease too.  
 Red Dingo sleeping

The first area has Koalas in enclosures which are looked after and have tree trunks so that the koalas can feel like they are in trees.  There is also the open area where kangaroos and wallabies walk around freely and you can pat them and have a photo with them also. There is an area here where they can go to be away from people and have a rest without being touched. 


👀 If you follow a path around you will find :-

  • Dingos - The largest land predators in Australia.  They usually avoid confrontation but will protect their partner and young.  Fossil evidence has been found in Australia dating back 5000 years ago.
  • Echidna - the spikes are long, tough hollow hair follicles.
  • Baboon - The Red bottom means they are the Alpha Male.
  • Koala- can eat up to 2000 gum leaves per day and sleep up to 18 hours per day, hmm what a life.
  • Radiated Tortoise - they dance in the rain to wash debris from their back.  the shell is supplied with blood vessels and nerves and can feel when they are being touched.  You have to look hard in this cage as they can be hard to find and not as big as you think they would be.
  • Sun Bear - their tongues can be up to 50cm long.
  • Quokka - can suffer from muscular dystrophy and can live as long as 10 - 12 years.
A short walk up to the other end of the zoo, which goes under the train line, you will find more animals to seek out.  There is an enclosure of monkeys and while everyone is looking on the ground for them, they are up in the tree tops hiding and lounging around.  Sometimes it pays to read the sign before walking away.  There are snakes and some reptiles in the old Barn that is there.  

When you have looked and read all about the wonderful animals that are in the zoo, you have to make your way back to  Koala Junction to catch the train ride back to the top of the hill where you began your journey. If you wish you can pay a little extra and have your own personal tour guide that will explain about the animals and even have a personal up close, one on one with them too.  

Is it wheelchair friendly, mostly, though you have to remember that there is a slight hill and rise in some of the paths.  They are wide enough to use a wheel chair.  They offer family, seniors and children prices.

 Apart from the café at the top near the Big pineapple there is a basic small café down in the zoo area.  In time there will be big renovations happening that will mean more shops, café, restaurant and other things to see and explore. Keep watching  their space but for these two green frogs we recommend to go along and visit the zoo. We had an awesome time walking around and reading about each animal

  • Binturong - they are Arboreal (tree climbing), They also have a chemical in their urine which is the same in hot popcorn.  (We read that information and didn't do a taste test to find out).Very unique. Here you must look also as it will be high up in the tree where you might not always see it.

 🐸  What can you find at the zoo that you didn't know before?


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