Conquering Mount Ngungun......


Sunday morning and we were off and exploring around our area again.  So where too this time, hmm, ok somewhere fun with a bit of exercise involved too.  We discussed where and found that we have never visited the Glass house Mountains.  We know that people climb and walk around them, but we personally have never done this.

On our way out there we passed a nice little café and there in the car park was a group of Volkswagens, both beetles and kombi vans.   These had been lovingly restored to their original condition.  It was a good start to our day.  

View towards the Ocean.
From here we drove off towards Mt Tibrogargan.  When we arrived we found the car park full and over flowing on both sides of the road in every direction.  Though we had no desire to walk or try and climb Mt Tibrogargan, we would look at walking around here one day in the future.

Our next stop was where we were heading Mount Ngungun.  We planned to walk up this mountain.  The sign at the bottom stated that you would need a Level 4 range of fitness.  It takes around 2 hours return walk up and down, though we recommend not to rush the walk.  Stop and take the time to see what is really there in the bushland around you.  The idea was to walk up at our own pace, and as we progressed up the mountain we found others that were encouraging and helpful.  People would stop and chat, asking if we had done this before, giving us hints on how to make it to the top without much trouble.  One lady said that it was worth the climb and she said to stop and take time to catch our breath then keep going.  We also wanted to take photos of the view, which was amazing too.

Amongst the people climbing up and down the mountain were children too, so if you're worried about taking kids don't be.  There are no toilets at the base of the mountain, though there was an Ice Cream van in the car park.  You have to take your own water also which is a good idea anyway.  

About half way up the climb we found metal anchor points in the rock and some people were abseiling down the slope.  There is a special place where the rock is straight up an down which makes abseiling possible.  Also nearby there were some caves, though not too sure whether there are bats in them or not.  

the view to the ranges.
Towards Mt Tibrogargan
When we reached the top, wow the amount of people at the top was unbelievable.  We thought with all the people coming down the mountain we thought it would be not so populated.  The top and lookout of the mountain was not what we thought that it would be.  You think of lookouts as flat and even, here the top is how is has always been...plain rock.  You have to climb over rocks to get to the highest spot.  We chose a rock near the top and sat for a well earned rest.

Some well earned photos of the most magnificent views that you would ever see.  The top of the mountain is 263 metres above sea level.  And if the sky is clear you can see the ocean with the naked eye.  But if you are lucky enough to have a pair of binoculars then take them and have a good look both towards the ocean and the ranges on the other side of the peak.  The views are absolutely magnificent all round. 

some of the caves
When you are ready, take the time to look and observe again the bush around you while you descend down the mountain.  You may have to wait in some spots to allow others to go upwards, and if you stop allow others to pass on their way down.  

We took our time and stopped to look, take photos, and appreciate the surroundings while we did this walk.  We are not the most fittest of people but we did this and we are both happy that we took the time and completed something on our bucket list.  What is on your bucket list that you would like to complete?

Take the time to see the view.


  1. why don't you go to the beach or a haunted house

    1. Those adventures are yet to come. Stay tuned.


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