Wandering Woodford

Adventure time yet again and the 2 green frogs are off and running.  This time we decided on Woodford and surrounds.  Here it is commonly known for their music festivals which are held once a year.  But did you know that...…...

There is a Leopard AS1 MBT tank in the main street, donated by the Federal Government  in December 2010. It is placed out the front of the local RSL.  I think (my personal opinion) that this is fitting for the town as we all need to remember the sacrifices that were made so that we can all live in a free country.

Our main reason for visiting was the diesel engine that had 3 carriages and runs up and down the track from the station to the botanical gardens a kilometre further down.  This loco is run by a great group of volunteers and open on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  Lucky for us, we arrived on the 1st Sunday of the month.  There are 2 carriages with a roof over them and one open carriage.  You buy your ticket from the station and a volunteer will check the ticket and punch a hole, or in our case a heart shape hole, to say that it was seen.

The train reaches its destination at the Botanical gardens.  Here there is a herb garden in the shape of a circle.  There is an archway covered with vines, it is lovely and cool to walk through.  A small water pond which has a small running course over rocks.  This makes for a lovely photo if you wish.  There are other plants in the garden and surrounds, and for the kids large foot prints to play or try to walk over.

If you are hungry there is a café that caters for many different tastes of food and drinks.  We had pancakes which came with ice cream, maple syrup and fruit, and they were large, the size of a bread plate.  I ordered a BLT with fries.  It was cooked just right and had delicious beetroot relish on the bottom.  Well done.  Now you are hungry and so we suggest that you try some of this food while you visit the garden.

From here we visited Stony Creek Day area.  This we were told by the lovely ladies in the tourist information centre, was a lovely place to go and look at.  At the end of the walk is a water hole which you can swim in though we do suggest be careful of logs under the water.  Yes there are toilets there too. It was a lovely creek with rocks and trees and a nice green grassed area to sit and have a picnic.  There is some dirt road and some bitumen.  Be a dare devil and go and have a look you never know what you might discover.

We even saw a small fish darting under rocks.  And that was with people in the water nearby. There may have been other wild life in the water like a small turtle.  You never know until you take the time to look.

The view from the Mount Mee lookout is fantastic. You can see as far as the ocean and if it wasn't so hazy you could actually see the ocean.  Don't forget the binoculars either you can see more with some.

Well this was our second adventure around the area.  
Where will your next adventure be...…..

Watch this space for our next adventure... the 2 green frogs.


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